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My Website


My Website BMG Online Space Main Site

My Website Old Design and Google Custom Search

My Website BMG Online Space Wordpress

I have my own web site that I am always experimenting with, the left and right images are my current web site. The middle image has a earlier design of my web site and is still used on certain pages, if you browse around you might come across them.

On my web site I have setup a wordpress blog system so I can post some of my university work on there, I also use it to post about personal things. As part of my wordpress system and web site, I have setup a layer that you can download into Google Earth. I have also setup Google's custom search on my web site, which is a very handy way to search my entire web site. I also have a YouTube channel set up for all my favorite and interesting videos, I have actually customized my YouTube channel so it is not the boring default style anymore.

Why not visit my web site by clicking here for a bit more about my site >

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